How To Avoid Sleep While Studying?

How To Avoid Sleep While Studying?

How To Avoid Sleep While Studying?

I can still remember when I was in college, studying during exams was like hell and what used to make it worst was my falling asleep.
Exams are near and to get good grades, we decide to study for long hours. We decide that the best time to study is the night time, but we cannot stop ourselves from sleeping while we are studying. (Especially in subjects like History, Science, Biology, etc.) These subjects are too boring to keep us awake. Then we feel the need to be awake to learn the subject. So, we are in a dilemma. Let me guide you how to avoid sleep by these simple tips.

1. Sit on a chair with flat bac

2. Drink tea or coffee, whichever you like before the same.
3. Change topic if not interesting.
4. Keep all the lights on of your room.
5. Study while walking. That is, take rounds of your room and keep studying.
6. Drink water so that you have to go to bathroom every now and then. Believe me it works.
7. Try to study hard topics at high energy levels of your body, when your mind is fresh read tough subject.
8. If possible study in groups, for students who live in hostels.
9. Try to read aloud, it helps when you make sounds. If you read in your mind, there are chances that you fall asleep sooner.
10. Don’t eat a lot before studying. This makes you feel sleepy.
11. Don't eat rice before starting studying. This, too, is going to make you doze.
12. Don't study with a fan blowing in your face as it will dry out your eyes and make you fall asleep.
13. Even after trying all these tips if you feel sleepy, and then go for short ‘Cat naps’ but not more than 60 minutes, otherwise you will end up wasting your important time of study.



POSTED BY drgurjeet On 2010-06-12
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